Problem retrieving data from Twitter

The Value of Opinion Datasets – Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Ranker vs. Market Research vs. ?

As Ranker’s Chief Data Scientist, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking of late about how much a given opinion dataset is worth.  I’m not talking about the value of a specific dataset to answer a specific question, as that varies so wildly depending on the question, but rather I’d like to consider broad datasets/categories [...]

Cantor Loss shows Crowdsourcing, not Polling, is the Future of Prediction

Eric Cantor, the 2nd most powerful person in the House of Representatives, lost in the Republican Primary today to the relatively unknown Dave Brat. While others have focused on the historical nature of the loss, given Cantor’s position in his party, or on the political ramifications, I was most intrigued by the fact that polls conducted recently [...]

Values Based Matching in the Labor Market

Recently, I received news that Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, has decided to indirectly support some of the work I do with Jonathan Haidt, because he is a fan of Jon’s work.  The news got me thinking a bit about the confluence of moral psychology and what LinkedIn does.  As Ranker’s Principal Data Scientist, I [...]

All Scientific Research Should Be Crowdsourced

Very few days go by without a new article describing the limits of published scientific research.  The headline cases are about scientists who plagarize or completely fabricate data.  Yet, in my experience, most scientists are actually quite ethical, meticulous, hard-working, and really concerned with finding the truth.  Still, non-scientists would likely be surprised to know [...]

Personality Types in Business: Conscientious CEOs & Open Technologists

Part of my job at Ranker is to talk to other companies about our data. While people often talk about how “big data” is revolutionizing everything, the reality of the data marketplace is that it still largely revolves around sales, marketing, and advertising. Huge infrastructures exist to make sure that the most optimal ad for [...]

Book Review: Brain Gain and the Is-Ought problem

Can technology make us wiser?  There is something to be said for taking a theory as far as you can go with it and pushing it’s boundaries, as the process is educational.  Other people have taken the “technology is making us dumber” meme and pushed it and so Marc Prensky’s book, Brain Gain, provides a [...]