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Prediction: The Replication Crisis will be Solved by Market Forces, not Academics

Social science is in an interesting place, especially my home discipline of social psychology.  Traditionally, it has been practiced by scholars at academic institutions who are relatively unaffected by market forces, which meant that it didn’t really matter to people’s careers if what was discovered in social science was actually used, but rather that those [...]

Cinco De Mayo and Tips for Marketing to the Hedonistic Pleasure Seeker

Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is not a particularly important historical holiday.  However, it is an important holiday for both beer drinkers and beer companies, given that more than $600 million worth of beer is consumed on Cinco de Mayo, more than on The Super Bowl or St. Patrick’s Day.  This is one case where the [...]

When should we believe social science findings?

Recently, some colleagues of mine forwarded me this article from the Weekly Standard concerning the use of social science to delegitimize conservatism.  There are some valid points in this article that the author uses to question specific studies.  However, I think the author fails to understand the breadth of evidence that underlies most social science [...]