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When is investment banking immoral? A review of Greg Smith’s book, Why I left Goldman Sachs.

On Thanksgiving evening, I started reading Greg Smith’s book, Why I left Goldman Sachs late in the afternoon.  I finished it around midnight.  It’s a relatively easy read with a relatively straightforward message: That Wall Street, as exemplified by Goldman Sachs’ evolution, has increasingly become a place where we send many of our brightest students [...]

The importance of wisdom in social science research

Almost all social psychologists are smart, but few are wise.  I would argue that you can’t advance our collective understanding of the human condition by being smart, without also adding some wisdom to give context to what you study. For example, the most essential paradigm in social psychology is the experiment and the more controlled [...]

Why doesn’t Ron Paul use the word ‘America’ much?

A colleague of mine forwarded me this article in the New York Times, which compared the presidential candidates’ usages of various terms.  Some words require more context, but what struck him (and me, after I saw it) in this graph is the fact that Ron Paul doesn’t use the words America or American very much, [...]

The Moral Foundations of ThinkProgress, Alternet, Daily Kos, & the NY Times

Over the past couple years, Jon Haidt has had press articles from various liberal leaning press organizations, including these articles from ThinkProgress,