Problem retrieving data from Twitter

The Value of Opinion Datasets – Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Ranker vs. Market Research vs. ?

As Ranker’s Chief Data Scientist, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking of late about how much a given opinion dataset is worth.  I’m not talking about the value of a specific dataset to answer a specific question, as that varies so wildly depending on the question, but rather I’d like to consider broad datasets/categories [...]

Five ways that technology will democratize social science

I currently work as both a researcher at USC and as the Director of Data Science at  Some people would consider these two roles to be somewhat tangential, but increasingly, I’m finding that there is a lot of overlap.  Technological methods are increasingly of use in social science at the same time as social [...]

Psychology is generally Continuous, not Categorical

We live in a world where we often have to make categorical decisions.  We date someone or we don’t.  We marry them or we don’t.  We hire someone or we don’t.  We pick either the Democrat or the Republican.  There is no middle ground. Unfortunately, the world isn’t necessarily organized in that fashion.  Few would [...]

Can liberal academics study conservative ideology?

Recently, Jon Haidt gave a talk at the main social psychology conference about the statistically impossible lack of diversity in social psychology, meaning that the vast majority of social psychologists are liberal, with a smattering of libertarians or moderates and close to zero self-identified conservatives. This talk was covered in this New York Times article [...]

Nate Silver and Veronique de Rugy demonstrate how a more modern peer review process could work.

As someone who was in the dot-com world for years before entering academia, I’ve always felt that the peer review process could be made far more efficient and while I’m not 100% sure what form that would take, it might look something like a recent exchange between Nate Silver, an Obama supporter who runs (which [...]