Cinco De Mayo and Tips for Marketing to the Hedonistic Pleasure Seeker

Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is not a particularly important historical holiday.  However, it is an important holiday for both beer drinkers and beer companies, given that more than $600 million worth of beer is consumed on Cinco de Mayo, more than on The Super Bowl or St. Patrick’s Day.  This is one case where the market research supports my anecdotal experience: some people (and I fall into this group) just want an excuse to have a party.cincodemayo

Decades of social science research on values suggest that valuing pleasure (Hedonism) is indeed a stable personality trait that drives behavior.  While many wouldn’t elevate the pursuit of pleasure to the realm of higher order pursuits, there is no denying the fact that many individuals do indeed act as if the pursuit of pleasure is indeed a central life goal.  And many of those people will be drinking beer on Cinco de Mayo.  I’ve been working with Zenzi Communications to understand how to market to people for whom pleasure seeking is a central goal and below are 5 tips from ValueBase, our database of findings related to specific value types, for marketing the the hedonistic pleasure seeker:

  • Portray your product as an experience rather than a material item.  Encourage them to savor your product.
  • Emphasize the uniqueness of an experience.  Pleasure seekers enjoy being unique.
  • Leave out the “Green” messaging.  Pure pleasure seekers aren’t necessarily concerned with how environmental their consumption is.
  • Associate your product with the rich and famous.  Pleasure seekers appreciate the idea that what they consume is socially prestigious.
  • Aim for excitement!  Pleasure seekers are always up for an exciting new adventure.

Note that pleasure itself is not a single thing.  Recent research from Zenzi has found that people who seek moral pleasure or intellectual pleasure are actually quite different than those who seek sensual pleasure in many ways.  Contact Zenzi for more information.

- Ravi Iyer

ps.  looking for beer recommendation for Cinco de Mayo, look at Ranker’s beer graph.




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