Is Keith Bardwell confabulating his reason for being against interracial marriage?


A current hot topic in the news is this story of Keith Bardwell, a Louisiana justice of the peace who refused to marry an inter-racial couple.  His stated reason is that “my main concern is for the children”, meaning that the children may not be accepted by either racial group.  Further, he claims that he is not a racist as proven by the fact that he regularly performs ceremonies for black couples in his house.

I obviously have never spoken to Mr. Bardwell, but I would speculate that his reasoning is a classic case of moral confabulation.  He believes that interracial marriage is wrong and he believes that the children would be hurt.  But I would contend that he believes the children would be hurt because he believes interracial marriage is wrong while he has confabulated a story with reversed causality, whereby he believes interracial marriage is wrong because the children would be hurt.  If there were no potential harm to children (for example, if the couple is sterile), would he marry the couple or would he spontaneously confabulate a new reason for being unable to marry them?  My guess would be the latter.





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